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It's simple. Our staff members love what they do, and caring for our patients is why we come to work every single day.

When you combine this attitude with up-to-date rehabilitation methods, modern amenities, and activities, the results are an altogether lively and thriving skilled nursing facility that we hope you will love and enjoy.

We provide a Diverse Rehabilitation Experience.

We understand that each person has different needs. Our rehab team addresses those needs through a personalized rehab experience. Our aim is to help each patient realize his or her goals and thrive.



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615 W Duarte Rd
Monrovia, CA 91016

Visiting Hours

Daily 10:00am–8:00pm


Specialized Rehabilitation Programs


Our physical therapy team strives to safely restore your independent mobility. We specialize in developing a comprehensive recovery program designed to fit all your needs and help you work towards recovering one hundred percent to your physical capacity.


Our foundation is built on a team of skilled nurses, staff, doctors, and specialists that are comprised of the most qualified and passionate professionals. Our team is not only licensed and certified, but extremely passionate about your well-being.


Rather than ask: "What's the matter with you?" We ask: "What matters to you?" Through a personalized evaluation and an assessment of your needs, we help you participate in the things you want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities.


Our experienced specialists and staff are here to provide you with a customized recovery program. Before transitioning back home, we want to ensure you reach an optimal level of independence and well-being so that you can get back home and live the life you want to live. 


We assist our patients and their needs in regaining the ability to communicate following a loss of speech, language or hearing. Our therapists assess and treat swallowing disorders, common following strokes, neurological impairments and other debilitating illnesses.


The goal of stroke recovery is to help you relearn skills you lost as a result of your stroke. Stroke rehabilitation can help you regain independence and improve quality of life. Our stroke recovery strives to help you achieve that through physical and cognitive activities.


Our facility is equipped to help with your recovery process. We believe that our utilization of the technology and equipment available in conjunction with our specialized team of experts will equate to a premier rehabilitation experience for all our patients here at Monrovia.


The care in our facility is not limited to short-term patients. Our long-term residents play an integral role in shaping the character of our facility. We believe providing long-term care is an essential part of our commitment to this community.


We Provide The Following
Services At Our Facility:

24-7 Skilled Nursing

IV Therapies


Pain Management

Registered Dietician

Hospice Care

Respite Care

Internal Feeding Program

88 Bed Facility


Fun and comfort are key lifestyle
factors at our facility:

Free Wifi

Phone Access

Religious Services

Free Cable

Gardening-Floral Arranging

Weekly Outings


Music Therapy

Great Food

Meet Our Friendly & Caring Staff

We have earned a reputation of dedication, experience, and expertise which is embodied in the care we provide.


 Dr. Scott Liang Medical Director

Dr. Scott Liang
Medical Director

 Niria Ramos Social Services Director

Niria Ramos
Social Services Director

 Rodolfo Hernandez Dietary Supervisor

Rodolfo Hernandez
Dietary Supervisor

 Peter Chiu Director of Rehabilitation

Peter Chiu
Director of Rehabilitation

 Romeo Bautista Director of Nursing

Romeo Bautista
Director of Nursing

 Iris Murphy Medical Records Director

Iris Murphy
Medical Records Director

 Yesika Vicencio Activities Director

Yesika Vicencio
Activities Director

 Clara Howard Admissions Coordinator

Clara Howard
Admissions Coordinator

 Corrie Tillman Administrator

Corrie Tillman

 Sophia Chan Marketing Director

Sophia Chan
Marketing Director

 Arlene Paxon DSD

Arlene Paxon

 Jessica Lopez Receptionist

Jessica Lopez

 Mizpha Shela Nicolas, RN MDS Coordinator

Mizpha Shela Nicolas, RN
MDS Coordinator

 Yuri Martinez Business Office Manager

Yuri Martinez
Business Office Manager

 Onesimo Gurrola Maintenance Supervisor

Onesimo Gurrola
Maintenance Supervisor


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24-7 Skilled Nursing Services For Your Loved Ones, along with Relaxing Garden patios and Views.

Our priority during your stay with us is that you are comfortable and relaxed so that you have an optimal healing and recovery experience. The Community Garden is a prime example of our commitment to creating a peaceful therapeutic environment. Rooms are available featuring a view of our garden.